Our Earth SMP server is a 1:1500 scale Minecraft map of the earth, with land marks at some interesting locations. To begin your journey on Earth, you should run the command /warp, and either choose a location or click the random teleport button.

An image of the Earth SMP map.

Basic Commands

/warp - Warp to set locations, choose a landmark or randomly teleport within the earth map.

/claim - Claim the area, a chunk, which you are in as your private land. This means other players will not be able to break anything you build here.

/vote - You can vote for the server to gain a vote key and some rewards per link. By voting you are helping the server and getting a reward at the same time!

/quests - Complete quests to gain rewards depending on the tier of the quest. As you complete more quests, the rewards will get better!

/shop - Sell items you have collected and purchase new ones using the shop.

/auction - Auction your items for a specific amount of money or purchase items from other players on the server.

/pwarp - Create a player warp to your shop or use other player's warps to view different locations and builds on the server.

/gem shop - View the gem shop where you can purchase things such as ranks, crate keys, loot boxes, chat emotes, chat tags, kits, claim blocks and more!

What are gems?

Gems are a currency which can be collected globally across the network from playing, voting, completing tasks, donating and more! They can be exchanged for special rewards through the /gem shop.

Connect to the server using faderealms.net! (Bedrock Port: 19132)

Join our discord using https://discord.gg/faderealms!

View our store using https://store.faderealms.net!

View the live map using https://map.faderealms.net!