Introducing trading! The new way to interact with players, allowing you to trade without the possibility of being scammed! All you have to do is /trade <name> and for them to accept.

An example of the trade menu.

Once they accept the trade, a menu will open. As seen above, a trade menu will open, where you can put items or money on your side, and the other player can put their trade offer in.

When happy with the deal, you can press the `Ready!` button, which will turn your button green!

An example of the money trade button.

If you want to put money into the trade, you can click the Golden Nugget. It will then open a sign inventory, where you can enter an amount, then click Done to confirm that amount. You can use money formatting numbers such as 'k' for thousand or 'm' for millions.

An example of inputting a money amount.

Once you have pressed Done, you will see that the money amount has updated on the golden nugget. You will have to re-accept the trade by clicking the clay block if any values are changed.

Finally, when both players have accepted the deal, the menu will begin to count down, changing the title with a 3,2,1. The items will be traded at the end of this countdown.

An example of the final count down.

Server IP: (Bedrock Port 19132)