It's been a few days since we released our Earth SMP server to the public and we're very happy with the reception we have received! The main focus of the recent updates we have been performing is quality of life, for the game play experience of the player, and some minor bug fixes which will all be explained below.


We recognised that our crates were giving some less than desirable rewards, leading us to remove the 'worse' rewards from them. The new crates can be seen at /warp crates or in the screenshot preview below. We also added a nice animation and some sounds to make the experience a little more exciting!

The updated Seasonal Crate!

We are now selling x3 bundles of crate keys instead of x1, for the same price. You can view our updated keys on our store at!


From the start, we said that we would try to upgrade the PvP system, and that initially means brining back some old features, such as skull drops! When fighting and killing other players at /warp pvp, you will have a 10% chance to drop the enemies skull!

An addition to skull drops, we have also added a 10% chance to gain a random money amount for killing a player! You can gain anywhere from $100 to $20,000 so be sure to get your armour and potions ready!

We also added Totems of Undying which can be found in the Weapons and Armour shop in /shop! They're rare, so be sure to use them wisely!

A much larger PvP content update is coming very soon, so stay up-to-date!


We've decided to spice up the style a little with some emojis! You may also see some different messages and style changes throughout the network in the next few days.

Our new scoreboard style!

Other Changes

  • Floating leaves will decay and crops are now growing.
  • Reduced the price of certain items in the shop.
  • Reduced the required amount of votes for a vote party to 80.
  • Added villager spawn eggs to the shop.
  • Reduced the price of Chat Tags on our store.
  • Fixed an issue with the gem shop not giving items depending on inventory space.
  • The day and night cycle has been enabled, allowing villagers to now restock their trades.
  • Removed some of the less interesting spawners from the spawner crate.
  • Increased the vote party reward from 5 to 10 minutes of fly time.

Thank you! ❤️

The whole staff team at FadeRealms would like to thank you for your continued support over the past three days of our release! We are still taking your suggestions so be sure to post them on our community discord server which you can join using!

Server IP: (Bedrock Port 19132)