It's time to give our vehicles some love! We want more of you to be able to obtain vehicles, that's why we've made an update to buff their statistics! This means more health, even faster and some special abilities.

Our vehicles are on average, 100% more durable! This means that when you get a vehicle, you can use it for longer! 

You can fuel vehicles using many different types of items such as woods, wools, coals, and some farming materials! Make sure to bring a stack of a fuel along with you if you're heading on a long journey.

Vehicles can be used in many different forms, some of them are utility vehicles such as a tractor or a drill, which have functions. Some of our vehicles have movement abilities such as a helicopter which can fly!

Harvest your farms even faster with a Red Tractor!
Take to the skies in a Helicopter!
Travel in style on a steam train!

How do you get vehicles?

You can purchase vehicle crate keys directly from our webstore,, or you can purchase them from the gem shop! You can view all the packages in the gem shop by using the /gemshop command!

The updated vehicle crate, now giving you better vehicles per key!

We made crates better, again...

We weren't happy with our last update with crates, so we've made some changes to their loot rewards. You'll now see more of a variety of rewards! We removed a lot more junk out of them, because nobody likes opening some steak!

Our updated Spawner Crate, allowing you to get a special reward of x3 of the Spawner!

Global Sale

We currently are running a global sale on our store! You can get up-to 30% off our packages for a limited time, so be sure to have a look while this sale is active! You can view our store at

Other Changes

  • Updated some of the prices of the miscellaneous items in the /shop.
  • Fixed the placeholder on the scoreboard for claims. It now displays your used claim blocks out of your total available claim blocks.
  • Fixed the ability to use our player teleport commands to teleport other players into the combat arena.
  • Fixed the ability to go on-top of the nether roof as it is unfair for some players to use that space to their advantage.
  • Updated our daily login streaks! If you login every day, you will gain rewards on specific days! Keep your streak going to gain better rewards!

Server IP: (Bedrock Port 19132)