The tunnel to the new PvP area!

A mysterious tunnel has been opened within the PvP arena, there's been rumours of some dangerous creatures living deep below the ground.

This update introduces a new forest PvP area, which can be accessed through the large tunnel to the right of the /warp pvp spawn. The tunnel leads to a new large PvP area where you can find new landmarks such as two event areas, and some hidden secrets.

An event zone found within the new area.

Introducing Outposts!

An outpost is a capture point which can be found within the new PvP area. The capture zones are marked out in a colour, in the example image above, the capture area is red.

When an outpost is active, by standing on it, you will begin to capture it. The capture process will pause if an enemy is standing on the capture point, so be sure to bring your best armour because you're going to have to put up a fight!

While an event is active, it will display on your scoreboard when you're in the PvP arena! The arrow next to the event name is a directional arrow, and it should help you find the capture location.

An example of the new event scoreboard!

While capturing the outpost, you will receive a chat message telling you the percentage captured and the remaining length of the outpost event.

An example message you will receive when capturing an outpost!

By capturing 100% of a Money Outpost you will receive an extra +5% on all your sales through the /shop!

By capturing 50% or above on the EXP Outpost you will receive an extra +5% experience drops from killing monsters and while mining.

Changes to Combat

Because of the size of the new area in which you can PvP, some changes have been made to the cooldowns and timers of some of the items:

Golden Apple: 15 seconds

Enchanted Golden Apple: 3 minutes

Ender pearl: 25 seconds

Combat Tag: 25 seconds

These changes have been done to make PvP fairer, as previously, it was quite easy to run away from a fight. These changes will be monitored and adjusted if we feel it's necessary to make PvP fairer for both fighters.

Other Changes

  • Fixed an issue where the "Entering ...'s Claim" titles were sending continuously.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't break a spawner because of silk touch not being recognised.
  • Fixed an issue where players were using the chorus fruit teleport ability to go out of bounds.
  • Updated the auction house due to an issue where clicking on an item would select a totally different item.

Server IP: (Bedrock Port 19132)