We want to keep the server a fun, and safe environment for all members of our community. Please read the rules, which apply to all our platforms, and keep up to date with them, as they may change without announcement.

Minecraft Rules
| 1. Hacking - We do not allow hacks of any kind. This includes modifications, auto-clicking, any unfair advantages.
| 2. Xray - We do not allow xray in any form. This includes texture packs, mods or any other form. Any items you have been caught xraying for will be removed from you.
| 3. Inappropriate Builds - We do not allow inappropriate builds to be created. This is decided at the staff's discretion.
| 4. Punishment Evasion - We do not allow the use of an alternate account to bypass a punishment. If you are caught punishment evading, both accounts will receive a punishment.
| 5. Scamming - We do not allow any forms of scamming, including in-game and in-real-life money. If you are caught doing this, you will be severely punished.
| 6. Abuse of features - We do not allow the abuse of bugs or features for your gain. If a feature is being exploited, it should be reported. If you are caught, your progress will be removed.
| 7. Teleport trapping - Teleporting or trapping a player with the intent to kill them without allowing them to fight back in a fair manner is not allowed.
| 8. AFK grinding - Grinding while AFK, for example using a mouse-weight, tape, macro or hacked client is not allowed. If when staff teleport to you, and you are grinding mobs or mining or using your mouse action, and you do not respond within 2 minutes from being messaged and teleported, you will be deemed as AFK grinding.
| 9. Griefing - Griefing through any means, for example, stealing from somebodies base, breaking somebodies base, breaking around somebodies base, placing or using water and or lava or combining both to make cobblestone, stone or obsidian "monsters" is not allowed. If you are caught griefing someone, you will be punished respectively.
| 10. Nether roof - The use of the nether roof has been disabled. This is because we want all players on a fair-playing-ground, and we deem this space as a glitch, as bedrock wasn't intended to be broken. If you can caught bypassing the block, you will be punished.

Chat Rules
| 1. Spamming - We do not allow any form or type of spamming. This includes excessive use of caps, characters, chat flooding, s p a c i n g words, or other.
| 2. Swearing - We do not allow excessive swearing. Light swearing is okay, but taking it too far will result in a punishment.
| 3. Racism, Homophobia, Offensive Terms - We do not allow racism, homophobia, anti-sematic or any other offense to be used.
| 3. Disrespect - We do not allow disrespect to any player on our network. We do not tolerate fighting, toxicity, bad mouthing or any other forms.
| 4. Advertising - We do not allow the advertising of other servers, this includes their server addresses, discord links or other domains.
| 5. Threats - We do not allow threats of any kind. This will result in a severe punishment as threats will not be tolerated.
| 6. Impersonation - We do not allow impersonation of staff or players. Abusing features to impersonate, or just acting/impersonating is not permitted.
| 7. Tagging Staff - We do not allow the constant tagging of our staff members. If you are looking for support, use a ticket in our discord server.