We are very excited to announce to you, our new semi-vanilla Minecraft Survival experience Survival SMP on FadeRealms!

Our new Survival SMP spawn!

Explore the new terrain of our 1.19.2 world, including villages, pillager outposts, mineshafts, ravines and all of the other features which the earth world doesn't provide! Head to the deep dark and find an ancient city and Warden, but be careful, he really hurts.

Watch out! The Warden hurts!

How do I connect?

You can now join in the hub! There's 2 ways to join, either click the button in the server selector which says Survival SMP or punch the NPC! You will be placed into the queue, and then connected to the server within a few seconds!

Punch the NPC to connect to Survival SMP!

How do I get started?

Start your adventure by using /warp and selecting a location! Interact with other players chest shops (/pw), trade items using the auction house (/ah), complete quests (/quest) and build a base to begin your journey!

You can make some starting money by using /vote and also /quest! Grinding items in /shop such as farming, ores and monster drops will allow you to make some money too! Unlike earth, Survival SMP has a limited shop, meaning you will need to spend more time collecting items, like good-old vanilla survival.

Build your own village, make a city or live in a cave! It's good-old survival, you can do anything!

What should I know?

  • The server is using a 1.19.2 world meaning structures like villages and ancient cities can be found!
  • Keep inventory is enabled everywhere except the /warp pvp arena!
  • PvP is enabled in the survival world outside of player claims!
  • The border is initially set at 15,000 x 15,000 but is set to expand later into the season! The nether and end are both respectively 5000 x 5000!
  • The nether roof is disabled, please do not attempt to get up there, or you will be automatically teleported down!
  • You can vote daily for FadeRealms and receive rewards on both Earth & Survival using /vote!

Spawner Wrenches

We felt like using Silktouch to pickup spawners would ruin the survival experience, so we added a specific tool called the Spawner Wrench. A wrench can be obtained from /gemshop and it allows you to pickup a spawner you either find, or have placed!
Make sure to double-check before placing a spawner, because you will now be required to use a spawner wrench to pick it up!

The new Spawner Wrench item required to pickup spawners!

He's back in town!

He's back! Follow SonnyDeacle on Twitch!

Catch SonnyDeacle live on Survival SMP on his Twitch or TikTok! He will now be streaming (almost) daily on Survival, where you can follow his journey as he builds his mega city on FadeRealms!

Our up-to 50% off summer sale!

We have extended our initial summer sale over to Survival SMP! This means that you can get your ranks, claim blocks and other items at a discounted price. This won't be available forever, so be sure to have a look now!

Server IP: faderealms.net (Bedrock Port 19132)
Discord: https://discord.gg/faderealms
Website: https://www.faderealms.net/
Store: https://store.faderealms.net/
Vote: https://www.faderealms.net