When joining the hub, you will receive a few items which have different features:

  • Server Selector - Right click to open a menu and choose a game to play!
  • PvP Mode - Hold for 3 seconds to enter hub-pvp mode!
  • Teleporter - Right click to zoom in front of yourself!
  • Cosmetics - Right click to open the cosmetics menu!
  • Toggle Players - Right click to toggle player visibility!
An example of the hot bar items you can interact with!

How can I join a game?

Using an NPC

By clicking an NPC, you will be put into the queue for the game mode, once your position in the queue reaches zero, you will be sent to the server! You can find an NPC by running forward from the spawn position!

Using the Server Selector

The server selector is the menu where you can choose a game mode to play on FadeRealms! Click an option in the server selector and you will be entered into the queue! Once your queue position reaches zero, you will be sent to the game mode! The menu does change depending on whether you are playing on Java or Bedrock, so below is an example of both!

An example of the Java server selector, just click to play!
An example of the Bedrock server, just click a button to play!

What is PvP mode?

When holding the sword for 3 seconds, you will be put into PvP mode, allowing you to fight other players in the hub, who are also in PvP mode! This is meant to be fun between players, but our network rules still apply!

Entering PvP mode!

If you die, you will be exited from PvP mode, or if you stop holding the sword, you will receive a countdown until your PvP is disabled!

Leaving PvP mode!

Server IP: faderealms.net (Bedrock Port 19132)
Discord: https://discord.gg/faderealms
Website: https://www.faderealms.net/
Store: https://store.faderealms.net/
Vote: https://www.faderealms.net