Gems are an in-game currency which can be used as a replacement for spending in-real life money. Gems can be earned by doing many different things across the network, including logging in, voting, completing tasks, upgrading network level, completing chat games and more!

You can view your gem balance by using the /gems command in-game. If you can not log in to the server, you can also view your gem balance on discord, through the use of the !stats <username> command!

How do I spend my gems?

To spend your gems, you need to open the gem shop, through the /gem shop command. Within this menu, there will be a whole range of options such as Ranks, Chat Tags, Crate Keys, Cosmetic Crates and more!

An image of the gem shop's main menu.

You can click into each of the options to view the packages for sale in detail.

Having issues with gems?

Join our discord at and create a ticket for staff support.